Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally...no training wheels

We have joked for the last year or so that Brandon (and Zach too) will go on missions with training wheels on their bikes. In their defense, we really haven't taken the time to teach them. We took the training wheels off for a week last summer and they didn't get it, so we put them back on so they could ride. Well, I came across an article on the web about teaching kids to ride. Here' s the gist: You take off the pedals and lower the seat so the kid is sitting with their feet flat on the ground. They use their feet to push and coast along. Once they are coasting with their feet up for 20 feet or so you put the pedals back on and they take off. It claimed you could have your kids riding in an hour, because they'd be teaching themselves. I figured what the heck...and it worked! Brandon is a now a bike rider. He and Jerry went on a ride tonight...it's amazing how much faster they go without training wheels. They can actually ride together. Great Job, Brandon!

Unfortuately, Zach is not quite tall enough to sit on the seat with his feet flat on the ground (he's on his tiptoes) so the method didn't work quite so good for him. So we'll either have to find a 12-inch bike to use or go back to the old "hold onto the seat and run behind" method. I'm sure he'll get it soon enough.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Summer's Coming!

Nate felt like such a big boy to be sitting with his brothers!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Play Ball!

Saturday was opening day for Woodcreek Little League and the T-Ball Sidewinders! Brandon played Pitcher for the first game and had 2 Sportscenter plays! Of course, only in T-Ball does the pitcher get to field grounders...but he had 2 that were hit pretty hard on the ground and he made great stops and the throw to first to get the outs...the 1st baseman even caught the throws :) It looks to be a great season. We are just amazed at the difference a year makes. The T-Ball division is for 5-6 year olds and Brandon's fielding skills are SO much improved over last year. Jerry is coaching his team again and having a lot of fun. Zach is so looking forward to playing next year. It's really tough to be 4 sometimes, especially when some of your school friends can play since their birthdays are a little earlier in the year. Oh and Nate is so much more of a pain at the games than he was last year. It was so nice when he just sat in the stroller. Now he throws pacifiers and keys in the garbage can and climbs on the bleachers trying to get hurt.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Blue and Gold Banquet

We went to Pack 507's Blue and Gold Banquet last week. The kids had fun looking at all the cool cakes people made for the cake auction. We ended up winning a chocolate cake that was super rich...Jerry and the kids all loved it. Brandon and the other boys in his den all earned their Tiger advancement. Here he is in line getting ready to get it. Another kid walked in front of me when he was actually getting it...so much for that picture. Great Job Brandon!